ADR Modifications

ADR Modifications and Certifications

Anytime you make a modification to your vehicle, it has to comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR). The rules are in place to protect the safety of all of the passengers in the car, and if your modifications do not meet these standards, you could be issued a fine and demerit points.

Sunshine Steering are a Certified ADR Mechanic which means that we can not only make the modifications to ADR standards but we can also certify any modifications that you have had done elsewhere.

If you would like more information about ADR modifications and certifications, or would like to request an estimate, give us a call on (07) 5478 8020 today.

ADR Modifications:

If you are thinking of putting a bigger engine in your car, adding a turbo or putting in roll bars, then contact Sunshine Steering. Our experienced mechanics are qualified and certified to make modifications to vehicles that comply with Australian Design Rules.

Some of our most common modifications include:

Once the modifications are complete we send a copy of the paperwork to the Department of Transport to state that the alterations were completed by a qualified mechanic and that they meet the ADR requirements for safety.

ADR Certifications:

If you have had modifications done on your vehicle and you are not sure if they meet ADR standards, bring your car into Sunshine Steering and we’ll check the quality of the work. We will inspect all of the safety aspects of the alterations and make sure that the welding and engineering practices comply. If your vehicle passes the inspection then we will sign it off and send the paperwork to the Department of Transport.