Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmission Servicing and Flushing

The standard vehicle needs to have its transmission serviced every 40,000kms, but if you are regularly towing heavy loads like boats or caravans then you should look at getting it done more frequently. At Sunshine Steering we provide automatic transmission servicing as well as a full flush service that removes 100% of the oil in the transmission system.

Sunshine Steering are honest mechanics – we will always be upfront about the cost of our services and if we find anything extra that needs to replaced or repaired during a service, we will always call you and give you a quote before we move forward with the job. At the end of each service we give you a report stating what we have performed on the vehicle, and because we are authorized REPCO mechanics, our work is guaranteed Australia-wide by all other REPCO mechanics.

If you have any questions about automatic transmission servicing or would like to receive a free over-the-phone quote, then give us a call on (07) 5478 8020 today.

Automatic Transmission Flushing:

At Sunshine Steering, we have invested in a piece of machinery that flushes 100% of the oil out of your transmission system. The standard transmission system holds 9 litres of oil, and when you perform a simple oil drain, you are only removing about 3 litres of oil – so you are actually only replacing a third of the oil in the system. The other 6 litres are still in there, and the only way to get them out completely is by flushing them out with special machinery. The machine will flush the automatic transmission system including the automatic cooler and the automatic transmission itself.